Enterprise Accelerator

Are you interested in entrepreneurship, developing your own idea or planning your own business? Do you have an enterprise of your own, are you planning to establish one, either during the studies or sometimes later?

Active networks

The enterprise accelerator is actively creating contacts with student entrepreneurs, advisory services of trade and industry, and research and development actors of universities of applied sciences. Enterprise Accelerator widens its regional enterprise network with new SME’s with intensive knowledge.

Enterprise Accelerator is for everyone

In the enterprise accelerator you can direct your studies for the benefit of your own entrepreneurship. Enterprise Accelerator studies are intended for all SAMK students and you can begin at any stage of your studies. You can start with your own idea, or with an enterprise already operating, or as a continuator of entrepreneurship.

Rewarded unit with quality

Enterprise Accelerator has received national recognition. It is a unit with quality among universities of applied sciences’ education, rewarded by the Ministry of Education.

Accelerator Operation

In the enterprise accelerator, developing a business idea, functioning as an entrepreneur and developing an enterprise are a part of the university degree.  Enterprise Accelerator works for all the degree programmes at SAMK.

Most essential at Enterprise Accelerator:

  • Support and guidance by the mentors
  • Orientation of studying for the benefit of one’s own enterprise
  • Personal curriculum
  • Utilization of SAMK’s networks and support by the R&D operation
  • Possibility for enterprise transfer to the next generation
SAMKin opiskelijat Porin kampuksen käytävällä. SAMK students in the hallway of Pori campus.

During its 22 years, Enterprise Accelerator has produced 307 enterprises. Agreements made with the enterprise accelerator are 557.

Contact the mentors:

Teppo Lundell, Rauma
044 710 3531

Pia Marjanen, Pori
044 710 3356

Petri Martikkala, Pori
044 710 3382

Marko Mikkola, Pori
044 710 3724

Opiskelijoita SAMKin Porin kampuksen luokassa.

Transfer to the Next Generation

The enterprise transfer to the next generation, belonging to the enterprise accelerator’s operation, is a way for a controlled transfer of the enterprise from an experienced entrepreneur to a younger one and from one generation to another.  The concept serves both a student and a veteran entrepreneur.

In the process connected with the transfer to the next generation, SAMK’s students educate themselves to be continuators of already operating enterprises.  The process gives the opportunity for the student to train oneself into a specialist of entrepreneurship for an enterprise already existing.  The process does not require the student to be an entrepreneur already during the study time, but the actual enterprise transfer to the next generation can take place in a longer period of time.

The enterprise can belong to the student’s immediate circles or be an outside enterprise looking for a continuator for its business.  The student’s participation in the enterprise transfer to the next generation is included in the degree.  The student gets wide support for operating as an entrepreneur.

In addition to SAMK’s research and education experts, the mentors are specialists of processes of enterprise transfers to the next generation.

The cooperation can be deepened also e.g. within R&D projects, when the entire enterprise operation is developed for future challenges with expert assistance.

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