Information security

A university of applied sciences (UAS) must secure the confidentiality, accessibility and consistency of the data for all groups of users as well as a safe environment for data processing.

The regulations have been created to make it possible for different groups to identify the rights and responsibilities related to their user rights. Even unintentional neglect of responsibilities related to user rights can endanger the consistency, confidentiality, verification, indisputableness and usability of other users’ data.

The regulations are applied in all data systems used in the administration of the university of applied sciences and in the data systems the UAS is responsible for as well as in services for which the user right has been given by the UAS. The rules also apply to work stations in common use and all devices connected to the web of the UAS. All technology users must follow the regulations and instructions given by the UAS on data systems, good manners and the Finnish law.

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