Public safety is an essential precondition for all of our operations. Taking safety into account is a part of normal daily activities. Safety comprises information security as well as the rules of conduct and action plans for various situations, for example.

Security - our common cause

If you notice a security risk on campus (e.g., stuff on the driveway, a sharp nail sticking out), report it to the ServiceDesk. In more urgent cases, contact the caretakers.

In the event of danger to life, property or the environment, call the general emergency number (see below).

Plans and readiness

Plans and instructions related to safety and crisis situations are:

  • Contingency plan
  • Crisis instructions (in Oiva)
  • Rescue plan (campus-specific plans)

General order

All matters concerning public order are (descriptions in more detail in Oiva):

  • Alarm system
  • Substance Abuse program

Data security and data protection are an important part of the security of SAMK's staff, students and other customers. Privacy policies are described on the information security page.

Emergency Call Instructions

If you notice an incident that threatens life, health, property, or the environment, call the general emergency number 112 and immediately notify the campus caretaker or other staff.

The address you give to 112

  • Pori: Satakunnankatu 23
  • Rauma: Satamakatu 26 (Kanali) or Suojantie 2 (Merimäki)
  • Kankaanpää: Paasikivenkatu 25
  • Kuninkainen: 70 Risto Rytin katu

Contact information for caretakers

  • Pori +358 2 479 2200
  • Rauma +358 2 479 2300
  • Kankaanpää+358 2 479 2400