Student Exchange: How to Apply

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We are happy to host exchange students from our partner universities around the world

Please, note that the application procedure will be carried out with SoleMOVE online system.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) accepts exchange students through several different programmes and networks. In most programmes, it is required for your home university and SAMK to have a bilateral agreement. Please, see SoleMOVE for more information about the programmes and network.

Application periods

Deadlines for the applications for Faculty of Health and Welfare, Faculties of Service Business (Pori), Logistics and Maritime Technology, inc. International Business (Rauma) and Technology (Pori):

  • For the autumn term 2017 and the academic year 2017 - 2018 application time is 1.4. - 30.4.2017.

Application process

SAMK needs a nomination from your university through the SoleMOVE online system, stating that you are selected / nominated by your home university to come to SAMK as an exchange student.

Your home university should contact SAMK´s international office in order to get passwords to SoleMOVE nomination programme.




Fill in an Online Application in the SoleMOVE online system

After SAMK has received the nomination from your home university, you will receive a password to the SoleMOVE-system and you can start to fill in your application. You will need to upload the following application documents (in English):

  • Your photo
  • Motivation Letter (background, expectations for exchange)
  • Transcript of Records (showing your grades from home university, in English)
  • English Language Test result(if tuition in your home university is not given in English).
  • Copy of your passport (only required from students outside EU/EEA-countries–not expiring before 6 months)

Please, note that SAMK does not accept applications sent by post!

In regard to the Learning Agreement, please, check courses available for exchange students on SoleOPS.

Available courses

Students in SAMK make use of online software, the SoleOPS online system, where they can find all courses and course descriptions.

The normal workload for students is approx. 30 ECTS /semester. Feel free to ask the International Relations Secretaries, if you need information of the courses.

You can plan your own programme according to your needs and wishes. Note, however, that:

  • You are advised to take courses primarily from the faculty you apply to.
  • SAMK has campuses in four cities and you should choose courses only from one city.
  • The courses are arranged only if a certain number of students enrol.
  • Students will be accepted into courses in the enrolment order (at the beginning of the semester). The courses have a limited number of places.

Remember to have a look at the prerequisite studies. You might, for example, need to have previous studies in the field of a course.

The Academic Year at SAMK is divided into two semesters. There is normally no tuition during the summer. You are expected to arrive at the beginning of the semester. If you arrive late(over 5 days), you may not be able to attend the courses any more.

Please, check from the international contact person of your faculty, when the courses begin.

Exchange programmes

SAMK has partner universities all over the world and share with them several networks and exchange programmes like:

  • Erasmus+
  • Nordplus
  • Magellan
  • Bilateral agreements
  • Free-mover.

Check on SoleMOVE online system what kind of agreement is currently signed with your home university.

Practical information

Before coming to SAMK don’t forget to do and check out some important stuff! Documents, Health forms, etc.

Orientation week in Pori starts week 33 for the faculty of Health and Welfare and week 34 for the other degree Programmes in Pori.

Orientation week in Rauma starts August 28th.

Health Check-Up

Health Check-Up

You are kindly asked to read carefully through this section. You will find some important information concerning your exchange at SAMK.

If you have any doubts concerning this section, please, contact the International Secretaries for more information.

1. All students coming to SAMK.

All students must fill in the Health Form with information regarding the following vaccinations:

  • MMR (measles, mumps and rubella): 2 doses / Lifetime. It is mandatory.
  • Tetanus: booster during last 10 years. It is mandatory.
  • Polio: 3 to 4 doses / Lifetime. It is mandatory.
  • Diphtheria. It is mandatory.
  • Influenza vaccination, taken between November –April. It is mandatory.
  • Chicken pox. It is recommended.
  • Hepatitis B: It is mandatory for nursing students and recommended for physiotherapy and social work students.

The vaccinations must be valid when you arrive to Finland.

2. All Nursing, Physiotherapy doing clinical practice in Finland must send a filled Health Form with the following information:

  • MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) test. It must be taken from the nose and from the possibly broken skin of the hand. It must be no older than 30 days. It is mandatory.
  • Negative tuberculin skin test (Mantoux test) or chest X-ray. Both tests must be taken within the last 3 months before coming to Finland (Doctor’s statement).
  • Students practicing in maternity or neonatal wards must also send:
    • salmonella-test results. It must be taken in the last 3 months.
    • Chest X-ray. It must be taken in the last 3 months.
  • Students practicing on pulmonary wards must also send:
    • Chest X-ray. It must be taken in the last 3 months.

If your test results are positive, it means that clinical practice in Finland is not possible.

The results should be given clearly in English and must be send two weeks in advance to international relations secretary of your host faculty.

3. Please note:

All students from below mentioned countries must send a max. three months old doctor's statement of a chest X-Ray at least two weeks before the arrival. The results should be given clearly in English! 

Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam.

4. Additional information.

In addition, every student doing clinical practice must send an Extract on Criminal Background in advance.

EU citizens, please get and bring along your European Social Security Card.

Please, contact the International Secretaries for more information.

Arrival info

Arrival info

If you are coming from a NON UE/EEA COUNTRY you will need a visa to enter Finland.

If you are an UE/EEA COUNTRY student, you don’t need a visa or a residence permit. But once you get here, you will need a social security number. Having this number is essential for you, no matter how long you stay. You need it in order to be issued the Transcript of Records and other important Erasmus+ documents concerning your stay at SAMK.

In addition, if you are staying more than three months, you must fulfil the registration procedure at the local police office.

Registration info




In SAMK every exchange student has a tutor who helps you with issues regarding your stay and studies. You will be contacted by your tutor a few weeks before you come.  You can ask him or her about your stay and studies.



Housing will be provided for you by SAMK.  The students’ dormitory is situated in Tommilantie 1B, Pori.

The apartment consists of two rooms (one/student), a kitchen and a bathroom. The average rent is 310 euros a month. You will find some pictures below.

A survival box is given to you by the student union SAMMAKKO.  It contains cooking material, sheets and pillows and the cost is appr. 40-65 euros.



Students on Rauma Campus will search their accommodation from private markets. Information about available housing options will be provided by their International Secretary. They will be given several options to choose from and the rent varies according to the size, location and facilities of the chosen apartment.

If needed, a survival box can be purchased from the student union SAMMAKKO. It contains kitchen utensils, bedlinen and the cost is appr. 40-65 euros.



Housing will be provided for you by SAMK. The students’ dormitory is situated in the center of Kankaanpää.

The apartment consists of two rooms (one/student), a kitchen and bathroom. The average rent is 170 euros a month + 15 euros water bill. If you want to share your room with some other student, both students will pay 85 euros + 15 water bill.

Rooms are furnished (bed, blanket, pillow, desk, chair and closet). Bedlinen are not included, but you can rent bedlinen from Sataedu.

Internet connection is not included in the rent, but the flats are wired: you can ask to be conected by paying a separate bill.



You should ask about an insurance regarding school and practice at your home university. We recommend that you should get a health/travel insurance.

More information: Come and Join Us -brochure (pdf)Tallenna

Enjoyable, meaningful, interesting, educational and fun!

SAMK? It is a nice place, where everybody helps, if you ask for help!