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We would like to tell you why it is a good idea to come to Finland to study.

Happiest country in the world.

Source: World Happiness Report 2023

Greenest country in the world.

Source: The Environmental Performance Index

Safest country in the world.

Source: World Economic Forum

Welcome to Finland

Our quality of life is very good in Finland. Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, ranks Finland as the number one country regarding the quality of life.

Finland is also a very clean country. And a green country. The Environmental Performance Index ranks Finland as the greenest country in the world.

Finland is well-known for its tourism as well. The National Geography Traveler magazine has selected Finland as one of the best destinations in the world in 2017.

We are also a very innovative country. The Global Competitiveness Report ranks Finland as number two among the most innovative countries in the world.

And one more thing, our air quality is extremely good in Finland.

  • Population: 5.5 million
  • Currency unit: euro
  • Official languages: Finnish and Swedish
  • A highly educated country
  • The land of thousand lakes and saunas
  • The land of midnight sun and aurora borealis
  • Finland has the least organized crime in the world
  • Finns love coffee and milk
  • Famous brands: Angry Birds, Moomins, Santa Claus, Nokia, Supercell, Marimekko, Slush, Kone, Wolt, Clash of Clans
SAMK student outside in winter.
SAMKin opiskelija Rauman keskustassa kesällä.
SAMK students playing snowball fight in winter.

Welcome to Satakunta region

Satakunta, the oldest historical province in Finland, is located on the southwest coast of Finland. The regional centres are the city of Pori and the city of Rauma.

It is a very clean and safe region to study and live in. It is a coastal area with lovely harbours and friendly small towns. The region is rich in history, for example with two Unesco World Heritage Sites. There are lots of events, an interesting cultural life and plenty of creative people. And fantastic nature all around us.

Naturally, we will help you to find affordable housing. And the traffic is smoothly flowing, without any traffic jams. So, this is a very good place for studying, living, working and being an entrepreneur.

Finland and Satakunta on a map.

Finland is situated in the northern part of Europe and Satakunta region is located on the west coast of Finland.

Pori – A west coast gem

The Pori district is the 8th largest economic and employment area in Finland. The city of Pori has a population of about 85,000. Pori has a cozy city center with good services and everything near. Yyteri Beach is located 17 kilometres out of the city center. Yyteri is one of the longest sand beches in all of the Nordic countries. Pori Jazz festival and the other music and culture festivals gather tens of thousands of music lovers in Pori every summer.

The beautiful city of Rauma

The City of Rauma is the third oldest city in Finland with a population of about 40,000. Rauma is a lively and friendly city and home to two Unesco World Heritage Sites – a unique Nordic wooden town Old Rauma and a Bronze Age burial site Sammallahdenmäki. There are also numerous cultural events, such as Raumanmeren Juhannus (Midsummer Rock Festival), the Lace Week, Rauma Blues and Blue Sea Film Festival every year in Rauma.

Create your own experience in Satakunta!

Clean nature with superior outdoor activities.

Create your own winter experience!

What makes Finland the happiest country in the world?

Finnish is different – and fun!

Finnish is not more difficult than the other languages, it is just different. Finnish language is a member of Finno-Ugrian language family. Almost all other European languages belong to Indo-European family. That's why the grammatical structure and vocabulary in Finnish is different.

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