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Students at SAMK campus Rauma.
17.4.2020 | Business

Double degree agreement with EPHEC

The international operations of SAMK are expanding. With this agreement Business Administration students have a possibility to get a degree in Belgium as well.
20.1.2020 | Business

New experiences in store for exchange students

Sanni Jaakkola, 21, who studies in the degree programme of International Business for the third year, spent autumn 2019 in the capital of Spain, Madrid, at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Besides studying, Sanni also had time to travel when doing student exchange.
Kuva JRC:n näyttelystä, mies kävelee editse
27.9.2019 | Tourism business

The question of the day: can tourism save the world?

Tourism is a hot topic. Can I travel anywhere “because I can”? Could I consider what the criteria are for choosing my travel destination, accommodation and purchases? Could travel enthusiasts make choices where they don´t feel they are giving up anything but instead gaining more? What kind of choices can tour operators make – and how about tourism service producers?
ri Iisakkala pyöräilee usein töihin. | Jari Iisakkala often rides a bike to work.
23.5.2019 | Business

Jari Iisakkala leads the Faculty of Service Business

Jari Iisakkala started as the Dean of the Faculty of Service Business at the beginning of April. Iisakkala feels enthusiastic about his new position and is pleased with the growing appreciation of SAMK, which has taken place in the region in recent years.
Riika Mäkinen
27.4.2019 | Water

Riika Mäkinen’s goal: Good indoor hygiene and saving the world from super microbes

SAMK FACES. Riika Mäkinen was just in Saudi Arabia introducing Finnish solutions to increase indoor hygiene at Global Ministerial Patient Safety Summit. Determined work has been done in IHMEC project to make people in the fields of e.g. construction and maintenance realize the importance of their everyday activities, and how microbiological healthiness of an indoor environment is influenced during the entire life cycle of a building.
Daniela Tanhua SAMK Kuva: Johanna Kaisjoki
15.4.2019 | Business

COLUMN: Internationality belongs to everyday life – there’s no need for contemplation

On a Wednesday in March at SAMK Rauma Campus, 2nd floor of Satamakatu: 60 students in a classroom solving a game connected to production, distribution and purchasing. Half of the students are from our French partner university Vesoul and the other half are SAMK students; there are both Logistics students from the field of Engineering and International Business students from the field of Business Administration.
Mikko Lehtonen
12.4.2019 | Business

COLUMN: How is the digital foundation of your brick-and-mortar store doing?

Internet giants are pushing prices down, people are increasingly moving to urban centers, consumers are speding more and more time online, and, with artificial intelligence, you feel you will soon be left with peanuts…Do these fears sound familiar? Well, you’re not the only one. Brick-and-mortar stores have been dealing with these challenges for a while already. Is there anything that could be done?