Strategy #SAMK2022

SAMK profiles itself as an industrial higher education institution. SAMK emphasizes renewal, export competence and the functional capacity of employees.


All SAMK students will be employed.

Students are provided with the best possible skills for employment by education customized to the needs of the area, comprehensive co-operation with the employment market and an entrepreneurial attitude.


SAMK provides experts and developers for the area and promotes internationality and entrepreneurship in Satakunta.


SAMK emphasizes renewal, export competence and the functional capacity of employees. SAMK profiles itself as an industrial higher education institution.

SAMK’s profile is based on the needs of the area and SAMK focuses on education, research, innovation and development activities, which support industrial restructuring. Satakunta area has a versatile economic and industrial structure. Therefore, SAMK has to provide research and comprehensive study programmes in technology, business and administration and social and health care even in the future.

Focus areas

Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Maritime Management
Services for the Ageing

SAMK develops competences related to an automation cluster. In addition, SAMK is known as a transnational educator and developer of Maritime Management. Services for the Ageing involve multidisciplinary cooperation and SAMK has strong expertise in the field. The focus areas are characterized by activities demonstrating national pioneering, significant amount of external funding and a collaboration network of nearly 100 companies and communities. The focus areas invest in increasing Master-level education, international research collaboration and export of education.

Emerging areas

Intelligent Water and Energy Technology

SAMK is a pioneer in the field of incorporating environment into business. SAMK has nationally the most versatile expertise in logistics and acts as an overarching force in tourism in western Finland. Emerging fields are characterized by increasing external funding and a growing number of companies and communities in the collaboration network. Persistent internationalization is a steering force both in education and research in the emerging fields.

Strategic goals

International education and research

Persistent internationalization is a steering force in changing and developing education and research. Over 20 per cent of intake will be targeted to English language degree programmes, and the volume of education export will exceed 0.5 million euros. In addition, more than 50 per cent of the projects consist of international projects. Each emerging area has at least two experts with international regard.

Learning environments students appreciate

Teaching and learning are improved by SAMK’s new facilities, laboratories and learning environments. Entrepreneurial operating environments and digital teaching create new ways of learning. The new curricula are characterized by practice-based, work-related studies and a variety of collaboration forms with the employment market. In the feedback SAMK is one of the best three in regard to learning environments.

Centre of collaboration in the employment market

Competence and expertise clusters with education, research and entrepreneurial activities are constructed around SAMK campuses. SAMK acts as an engine for thematic innovation environments and development networks as well as international strategic centres of expertise. Each student completes at least 20 ECTS in work settings and practical tasks (in addition to thesis work and practical training).

Higher education community with competent and thriving staff

Competent and thriving staff guarantees quality, effectiveness and development at SAMK. Competences are developed systematically with long-term goals and by strategic decisions. The indexes describing staff competences and well-being at work are higher than in expert organizations on average. In the feedback SAMK is one of the best three in regard to studies.

Leeway provided by effective functions

SAMK’s functions are based on smooth progress of studies and graduations as scheduled. Effective functions are supported by succeeding in applying national and international complementary funding. The amount of complementary funding increases annually with an intermediate goal of 4 per cent. The financial statement is positive every year.


All SAMK employees are responsible for the success of SAMK. As a result, they should be enthusiastic and open towards students, clients and colleagues. We build future together and therefore it matters what we do and what we do not do. Workers in SAMK want to excel. The index value describing well-being at work is higher than in expert organizations in general.