SAMK has four campuses in four cities: the SAMK Campus in Pori, the SAMK Campus in Rauma, the Fine Arts Campus in Kankaanpää and the Kuninkainen Campus in Huittinen.

SAMK Campus Pori

The new SAMK Campus Pori is located in the city centre of Pori. It is a future learning environment, a diversified campus, where you can study business, health care and social services, technology and tourism.

SAMK Campus Rauma

International business and trade, logistics and maritime management are located in Rauma – these make up the Logistics and Maritime Technology faculty.

Fine Arts Campus

The Fine Arts Campus offers Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Fine Arts. Artists can specialize in painting, sculpting, graphic art or performative art. Even though most of the teaching is in Finnish, Fine Arts is an international field.

Kuninkainen Campus

The Kuninkainen Campus in Huittinen is the home of the popular adult education programmes in e.g. Public Administration and the legal aspects of Business Administration. SAMK's online education concept HILL was developed here and the studying mostly happens online. Teaching in the Kuninkainen Campus is in Finnish.

The SAMK library is the largest scientific library in Satakunta and open to everyone.

Campus libraries' opening hours and contact information