Bring your own device

BYOD means the same as Bring Your Own Device, it means that students make their assignments mainly with their own computers.


SAMK requires the use of personal terminal equipment in studies from the beginning of autumn semester 2017.


The whole campus is a learning environment. Therefore, wireless network works well in all facilities in 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies. You need at least 3G-connection while using SAMK's programs outside the campus area.

Support and counselling

A BYOD clinic will start to operate in the beginning of the autumn term 2017. Students help other students in BYOD issues there. In addition, SAMK’s HelpDesk helps in questions related to BYOD:

What is BYOD?

BYOD is an operational model which is becoming increasingly common in enterprises and educational institutions. BYOD concept includes wireless network, printing, data protection, applications, IT classrooms, virtualization, user management, operators, electric supply, communication, support, training etc. BYOD means that students make their assignments mainly with their own computers.

Equipment recommendations, students' laptop

  • A computer which complies with these recommendations can be used in all degree programmes. A lighter version is sufficient for most programmes, e.g. in the Faculty of Health and Welfare and Business Administration.
  • It is likely that a tablet is enough in most degree programmes. However, this is not yet certain and the requirements will be specified in the first year.
  • Windows operating system
  • At least 4 Gt of main memory, preferably 8 Gt
  • 3–4 years of guarantee is recommended, (for example the extension of the guarantee)
  • At least Full HD screen
  • SSD disc, 120G or bigger
  • A good battery, which lasts several hours
  • An integrated camera


You can use Microsoft Office programs freely. You can download them to your computer or use the web applications or both.

You also have OneDrive for Business available, where you can save your files and share files with other students and teachers.

Log in with your browser (you get an ID at the beginning of the studies). The user ID is in the form: first name.last name(at) and password for SAMK ID.


Wireless network

Instructions how to join SAMK-student WLAN (pdf)

Instructions how to forget wireless network profile (pdf)

BYOD programs

Part of the programs used in studies can be downloaded to your computer. The programs which cannot be downloaded will be downloaded in the IT classrooms.