World’s first AI event that focuses on bubble recognition

Fake Intelligence Summit 7.- 8.5.2019, West Coast Finland, Pori

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in the middle of massive hype of a global scale. Fake Intelligence is a resistance movement with a purpose of revealing the AI bubble and increasing critical thinking. Fake Intelligence Summit organized by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, brings together global thought leaders, top scientist, policy makers, industry leaders and venture capitalists.

20.12.2018 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: SAMK/Marko Hakanpää


In the recent years, AI has been loaded with so big expectations, that the expectations themselves are threat to the industry. The primary reason for this is that too many investments on AI have been made based on beautiful pitch deck and promises of infinite disruption, leaving the technical and scientific facts in the background.

The annual Fake Intelligence Summit is organized for the first time at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Pori the 07-08 of May 2019. The two-day Summit introduces dozens of presentations of AI specialists. The Fake Intelligence Program Committee includes the Founder of AI company Headai Harri Ketamo (chair), the Vice President of SAMK Cimmo Nurmi and growth visionary Peter Vesterbacka.

Call for Papers is until 28.2.2019. The best Papers will be rewarded with Fake Awards and Critical Thinking Awards.


Don’t feed the bubble!


For more information:
Check Fake Intelligence on Twitter


Additional information:
Vice President Cimmo Nurmi, 044 710 3371
Planning Officer, communications and marketing Petra O’Rourke, 044 710 3918

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