What’s new at SAMK library – autumn 2017

Autumn 2017 brings several changes in library services: the new campus library in Pori, changes in library hours, self-service, payment methods, BYOD.

29.8.2017 | By: Harri Salminen | Photo: Harri Salminen

Porin kampuskirjasto

The new library in Pori is easy to find at the campus. The library hours have been extended and we are open also on Saturdays. The campus, including the library is a learning environment and the new group study rooms can be booked by students via TimeEdit.

The campus library in Rauma got one opening day more and is open from Monday to Friday. The opening hours of Fine Arts Library and Kuninkainen Library have also changed. See library's website for details.

There are self-service hours in which case there is no library staff available. You can borrow with your library card at a self-service station. We have book drops to return library items.

SAMK libraries have given up cash payments. You can pay online in Finna and with a debit or credit card at campus libraries in Pori and Rauma.

SAMK is now BYOD. Bring your own device means that students make their assignments mainly with their own computers. There is support available.

SAMK library staff wishes you the best with your studies!

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SAMK libraries are giving up cash

SAMK libraries will no longer accept cash payments from 1 June 2017. You can pay online in Finna and with a card at campus libraries in Pori and Rauma.
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