Welcome to explore SAMK campus Pori on Saturday at 11–15

SAMK campus Pori is a learning environment where ideas fly.

21.9.2017 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Tomi Glad

SAMK-campus Pori Atrium, photo taken from 3 th floor.

From the new campus, you can find versatile environments for learning, networking and daily encounters. Students can study and work in different authentic simulation environments such as laboratories and simulation classrooms. Library is the most apparent of the rooms located in a central place by the spacious and bright Atrium. Atrium and the Agora hall are desirable venues for various events.

Pepper. Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulun uusi kampus. Kuva: Tomi Glad

On the Pori campus Open Day, you can visit the technology laboratory and see Pepper, mobile and UR5 robots, Lego robots, game platform and 3D printing. You can try the virtual classes, Wheellator rollator, balance board and cat and mouse games. You also have the chance to test electrical bikes and see SAMK’s solar power system and accessible Home for All. SAMK’s Social Services and Health Care service Centre Soteekki organizes an indoor playing track and balloons for the kids. Soteekki also offers interesting presentations and free measuring stand services.  Physiotherapy students give out massages for a voluntarily fee. WANDER Nordic Water and Materials Institute tells about the drinking water distribution network on the campus, that works as a unique research and learning environment.

SAMK campus Pori Open Day on Saturday 23rd of September is an open event for everyone to attend.

See you Saturday on the campus!