We are moving to a new campus in Pori: Break in networks on all SAMK campuses from 5 to 15 May

Move to the new campus in Pori has started. All our services are moving to the new campus in May. Therefore, there will be breaks of different lengths in information networks from 5 to 15 May 2017.

4.5.2017 | By: Hanna Valtokivi

Muutto tuo vilskettä tyhjille käytäville.

The break will start at 5 pm on 5 May 2017 and it will end at the latest on 15 May.

The break will take place on all SAMK campuses, in Pori, Rauma, Huittinen and Kankaanpää.

There are breaks of different length in all services. The systems are reactivated in order of priority. There is a total break in Rauma, Huittinen and Kankaanpää from 5 May and the net connections will start to work in phases after 8 May. The network is already working on the new campus in Pori. After the break the networks on Tiedepuisto and Tiilimäki campuses will not work any more.

E-mails will be working during the break

E-mails will arrive despite the break.

Web pages of SAMK will be working

You can find information of the progress of the work and the break on the web pages.

Phones are working

The phones will work in a normal way.



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