Updated corona virus information for students abroad

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences has sent updated corona virus information for students who are having exchange or practical training period abroad.

16.3.2020 | By: SAMK International Office | Photo: Pixabay


There is a COVID-19 epidemic infectious disease in China and similar infections have been found also in many other countries including Finland. World Health Organization WHO has described COVID-19 as a pandemic on 11th March 2020. Because the epidemic situation in Europe and in the North America has changed quickly, Finnish institute of Health and Welfare has stopped categorizing of countries and areas into epidemic areas. The risk to be infected by corona virus has increased in Europe and around the world. The situation in the world changes quickly. It is possible that in different countries there will be restrictions in travelling and immigrating the country.

On 12t March 2020 the government of Finland has decided about many recommendations to be able to control the virus. One recommendation is about travelling abroad. The travelling instructions of the Finnish Foreign Ministry must be followed and if you need to travel you must remember to fill in the travelling notification in the pages of the Foreign Ministry of Finland. There will be corona information in the boarders of Finland too.

The safety is the most important thing when we are in the corona pandemic situation. You can cancel, suspend or postpone your exchange period. You will get normally your ECTS credits about your studies or your practical training you have already accomplished.

SAMK recommends to interrupt your exchange/training period. In case you will cancel, interrupt or postpone your exchange period please contact immediately SAMK international office, and you will be given instructions e.g. on the required documents. To get compensation of your expences because of corona virus you should first contact your travel insurance company. After their response you may get compensation because of a postponed Erasmus+ exchange through so called force majeure procedure.  All these cases will be evaluated in the National board of education in Finland.

  • The national board of education in Finland informs about corona situation:


  • Finnish institute of Health and Welfare (THL) informs about corona situation:


  • The instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland can be found here:


 If you have returned from abroad, and a possible infection can be suspected and you have symptoms of respiratory infection, you can contact our health nurses in SAMK first by phone.

In Kankaanpää you can contact the following numbers:

  • Mon-Fri 8–20 and Sat-Sun + public holidays 8-18 tel. 044 577 3245
  • Other times Satasairaala (hospital), tel. 02 627 6868

We also recommend that those returning to Finland from abroad would avoid coming to our campuses and prefer studying online for 14 days as a precaution. Contact your teacher/tutor teacher to make it possible.


Contact information of the international office in SAMK:

Saija Arslan +358 44 710 3563

Sanna Juhantalo +358 44 710 3037

Ari-Pekka Kainu +358 44 710 3179

Johanna Kares-Koskinen +358 44 710 3011

Riitta Rissanen +358 44 710 3859

e-mail: firstname.surname at samk.fi

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