Two students keep the NIBS Case Competition Office going

Welcome all NIBS case competitors to SAMK in February and March.

SAMK's students Anu Aalto ja Vu Do run the competition office. They are there to make sure everything works as planned and information is given promptly. In this article they introduce themselves.

13.1.2017 | By: Anu Aalto & Vu Do | Photo: Marina Wikman

Anu Aalto Vu Do NIBS at SAMK

Anu Aalto and Vu Do run the NIBS office in Rauma.

Anu AaltoMy name is Anu Aalto. I am 45 years old and I come originally from Viitasaari in Central Finland. I moved to Rauma with my husband six and a half years ago, because of my husband's work.  Before we came here, we lived in eastern Finland for approximately 10 years.

When I was young, I studied English at Tampere University. This is my second year studying International Trade (Kansainvälinen Kauppa, the degree programme in Finnish) at SAMK. I am going to specialize in logistics. It was not an easy choice, because I have found just about everything we have studied thus far to be of equal interest.

In my free time, I like to solve sudokus and kryptos (a kind of cross word puzzle), because I find them very relaxing. I can just concentrate on the letters and numbers, and do not need to think about anything else.

How was I chosen for the job? One day last spring, Marina Wikman told me about the NIBS Case Competition and the possibility of doing my practical training at the office helping with organizing the event. I was immediately interested, but also a little worried about how to handle my other studies and doing all this work at the same time. After some consideration, I decided that this opportunity was too good to miss. I had never done anything like this before, so I was interested to find out what it takes to organize such an event.

I decided that this opportunity was too good to miss.

Thus far my work has mostly included taking care of practical arrangements for the competition week, e.g. requesting offers from restaurants and caterers, and communicating with the volunteers. We are planning a Finnish cultural experience for our guests and hoping also to give them a taste of some Finnish foods.

I am sure we are all going to be very busy before and during the championship round. For my part, I am going to do my best to try to make sure that all arrangements will run smoothly so that everyone involved can enjoy this unique experience. We are really looking forward to seeing the teams here in February.

Vu Do loves doing what inspires people

Vu DoMy full name is DO MAI NHAT VU, 31 years old, and I am from Vietnam. I had been working as a teacher of English especially English for Communication programs at some colleges, companies, and some language centers in Vietnam for almost 10 years. Besides I also worked as a project manager of a Communication Program at a private high school  for two years as well as one-year as an interpreter for a construction company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I do love teaching and enjoy doing something that inspires people, especially the young ones. Therefore, I always feel happy and energetic when teaching even if I had had a bad working day two or three hours before (I worked two jobs – working in a company at day time and teaching at night time). My dream is doing something  like career counseling to help young people have a chance to discover themselves, find out their strengths and weaknesses and be able to find a job or meaningful career that is suitable to them, because I believe that doing the things that one loves to do is more than just living a happy life.

I fell in love with "Applied Sciences"

I also believe that people have two main kinds of power – power of taking and power of giving. I am studying to "take" knowledge so that one day I can "give" to people who need it. Initially, I intended to apply for a master course of psychology in Norway. However, Finland is my choice eventually because I fell in love with "Applied Sciences". I love something practical – learn and apply, and international business is a great chance for me to know about economics. That is why I am here in Finland and SAMK.

During my free time, I usually listen to music and play sports. I really love sports and e.g. soccer, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and judo, which is my favorite martial art. Moreover, I love joining voluntary work. I also had experience when I was a volunteer for Asian Championship of Bodybuilding and Fitness when I was at a university in Vietnam and that is an unforgettable memory in my life  as I had a great chance to meet and make friends with lots of people from different countries and now NIBS will offer me the same opportunity.

I started in NIBS office at the beginning of January. To the people who are coming for the competition I would say "It would not only be an unforgettable memory in your life but also a great experience of your career in the future, so just do it and have fun."

It would not only be an unforgettable memory in your life but also a great experience of your career in the future, so just do it and have fun.

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