Support vitality – SAMK launches a fundraising campaign

– SAMK aims to raise one million euros. If we succeed, we can be very pleased, states Juha Kämäri, President of the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

13.12.2017 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Veera Korhonen

Kuva: Veera Korhonen

– The donations are gratuitous and unallocated, however, donations of over 10,000 euros can be allocated to a desired field of education. All money raised in the fundraising campaign will we directed to SAMK’s operations in accordance with the administrative policy, Kämäri says.

Universities of applied sciences’ match funding model increases the significance of donations

In June 2017, the Ministerial Committee of Economic Policy confirmed its commitment to support the capitalisation of universities of applied sciences with match funding in 2018. The Government has earmarked 24 million euros for the capitalisation of universities of applied sciences for next year. The matching funds will be allocated to universities of applied sciences in relation to the private capital they have raised during the campaign, however, with a maximum of 4 million euros per each university of applied sciences.

On November 17, the National Police Board authorised SAMK’s fundraising activities among the first universities of applied sciences. The authorisation is valid until December 31, 2019, however, only the funds raised by the end of 2018 will be taken into account in fund matching. Donations of at least 850 euros are tax deductible for private donors and communities.


Check out SAMK’s fundraising site and brochure (in Finnish).