This year’s accelerator entrepreneur and the 300th accelerator enterprise were awarded at SAMK’s entrepreneurial day

SAMK’s enterprise accelerator awarded enterprise accelerator enterprises at its entrepreneurial day. The enterprise accelerator enterprise of the year 2018 is Helene Kynäsniemi’s Kotihoito (Home Care) Otso Oy. Earlier this year, also the limit of 300 accelerator enterprises was broken. The 300th accelerator enterprise is Jaakko Soukainen’s ProSecure Vartiointipalvelut (Security Services) Oy.

17.12.2018 | By: pia marjanen & anne sankari | Photo: Laura Telin

SAMK yrityskiihdyttämön 2018 palkitut Helene Kynäsniemi ja Jaakko Soukainen. Kuva Laura Telin

Helene Kynäsniemi’s Kotihoito (Home Care) Otso Oy is an enterprise in Pori offering home care for the elderly. It combines strong experience in nursing with up-to-date evidence-based nursing. Otso Oy’s motto is “Nursing and caretaking at home for the elderly”.
– The enterprise accelerator operation has given us support and advice on those issues of enterprising that we have needed, for example, on compiling a business plan and on marketing, Helene Kynäsniemi tells us.

SAMK awarded on its annual entrepreneurial day on October 17 also the 300th accelerator entrepreneur, who is Jaakko Soukainen and his ProSecure Vartiointipalvelut (Security Services) Oy in Rauma.

Jaakko Soukainen is a student of logistics, who has an eight-year experience in private safety branch and a couple of years of experience of logistics. Soukainen has developed his enterprise’s services and processes innovatively, by combining the production models of a traditional field with new digital tools.

Already 571 students have taken the opportunity of SAMK’s Enterprise Accelerator to study and think about entrepreneurship. 315 enterprises have been established.

At the moment, 571 students have taken the opportunity offered by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences’ Enterprise Accelerator to study and think about entrepreneurship, and altogether 315 enterprises have been established (by 15 October 2018).

Entrepreneurial day full of enthusiasm and new possibilities for entrepreneurship

SAMK arranges the entrepreneurial day twice a year, during which the students have the opportunity to listen to entrepreneurs’ speeches, try their own business idea’s possibilities in the speech competition and to familiarize themselves with various booths by the entrepreneurs.
– Entrepreneurship is no longer a far-away dream for many students or an absolute no, but it interests the students as an alternative way to be employed or, for example, as an opportunity to have a hobby. Entrepreneurship is not only a 24/7 thing, but is versatile, Pia Marjanen, mentor, tells us.

Something significant has taken place in recent years, and it can be seen also in the versatility of the entrepreneurs’ speeches during the entrepreneurial day: there is a speech by a veteran entrepreneur, a presentation by a modern blogger-photographer, as well as a presentation of Space Smoothie by young children on the seventh grade.

Further information:

Pia Marjanen, 044 710 3356
Yrityskiihdyttämömentori, SAMK

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