Putting theory into practice: learning hands-on at Robotics Academy fascinates

The automation laboratory has enjoyed the company of an international trio as Belgian Maxime Grégoire and Nacho Valero and Jaime Abril from Spain have studied at Robotics Academy.

12.12.2018 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Petra O'Rourke

Kansainväliset opiskelijat ohjelmoimassa Yumi-robottia.

This is what six week of coding, synchronising, wiring and building looks like. The exchange students printed the Christmas tree with 3D printer and coded the robot to decorate and take the Christmas balls down synchronised. There's led lights inside. Maxime Grégoire (left) is soon leaving back home to Belgium and Nacho Valero (in the middle) and Jaime Abril continue their studies at Robotics Academy.

– I saw a program on TV about the high standard of Finnish educational system. I wanted to experience it and came here, tells the Belgian. Grégoire is just leaving back home to do his mechatronics internship before graduating from Henallux, The University College of Namur-Liège-Luxembourg.

– For me, the Robotics Academy was the best way to learn. I’ve learned the theory back home and here I was able to put it into practice. I could train, make mistakes and try again. It’s been great to be a part of community with different kinds of people of different ages. That wouldn’t be possible in Belgium where adults have separate schools, praises Grégoire. He continues that he's so impressed with Finland that he wants to come back here after graduating.

The foreign trio is going to Lapland to enjoy the northern exotics: their plans include a visit at the Santa Claus Village, Husky Safari experience and snowmobiling.

– We’re looking forward seeing the northern lights, tell the excited Spaniards.


Robotics Academy is a new way to become an engineer offered by SAMK. Instead of traditional way of studying, students learn by doing various co-operative cases with companies in the field of robotics, automation and ICT. The purpose is to prepare the students straight to the needs of working life.



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