The new curriculum aligns needed skills in tourism business in the Central Baltic Area

Needed skills and knowledge in tourism business development have been aligned in the so-called Central Baltic Area: Finland, Estonia, and Latvia. The relevant skills and knowledge were identified by interviewing more than 100 tourism professionals in three countries. Based on their responses the new curriculum “Boosting Tourism Business Growth” was designed jointly by four higher education institutions.

15.5.2018 | By: Sanna-Mari Renfors

Kansi 2018 B 1 SAMK CurriculumBoostingTourismBusinessGrowth

The new curriculum (33 ECTS credits) supports development of the Central Baltic Area as a common tourism destination. In particular, the curriculum enables students to develop skills and knowledge needed in coping with the changing circumstances of tourism business, especially with the growth of international tourism in the area.

The curriculum includes eight different courses and is delivered as a joint online study programme during the autumn 2018-spring 2019. The core courses aim at increasing the key skills and knowledge in designing experience-based products to deal with the challenges related to seasonality, managing marketing communication in tourism organisations and developing successful, multi-sectoral cooperation in destinations.

In addition, the students acquire skills and knowledge in international customer service and develop sensitivity to cultural differences. They gain skills and knowledge in selling destinations, tourism products and services to meet specific customer needs. The students are introduced to different methods and tools to forecast global changes and their impact on tourism businesses as well as to develop the students` personal traits.

The new curriculum responds to the profound changes in European higher education, which has challenged the nature of their cooperation: the emphasis has been shifted from physical mobility to internationalisation of the curriculum.


The tourism degree students and industry professional can apply for the study programme until 30 August, 2018. More information




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