The founder of an adventure park Tino Lehtonen was appointed as the Enterprise Accelerator Entrepreneur of 2017 by SAMK

The panel was impressed by Lehtonen’s growth into entrepreneurship, his passion and the regional and national image effect of the enterprise.

16.10.2017 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Petra O'Rourke, Adventure park Huikee Facebook page

Huikee Puut

For those dreaming about entrepreneurship, Tino has an important reminder. – You have to be really patient, things don't go forward as quiskly as you hope. I also encourage to be brave, don't be afraid to fail.

This feels really good. I have worked hard and now it is rewarded, Lehtonen describes his feelings.

Lehtonen is only 25 years old but he has already done a lot during his life. When he was studying Business Administration at SAMK, he founded a sauna for renting with his brother Ekku. The first enterprise was a good stepping stone for further goals. Lehtonen has a strong entrepreneurship background from his family and he had no threshold to cross for entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur has been my dream since childhood. Entrepreneurship fascinates me, because it provides both possibilities and challenges. One can be part of all business activities in entrepreneurship, Lehtonen explains.

Support for new entrepreneurs 

Lehtonen became a client in SAMK’s Enterprise Accelerator in 2015. The idea of an adventure park, which the brothers had, was developed further. Senior Lecturer Pia Marjanen was appointed as a personal mentor to Lehtonen. She helped and supported him in everything in the beginning.

The best thing in the Enterprise Accelerator is that both studies and the enterprise project can be taken forward and at some point they are combined. Pia was able to make me work hard, challenged me and made me think from a fresh perspective, Lehtonen says.

Successful first season

Tino Lehtonen comes from Pori and he thought that there was a lot of unused potential in Yyteri. A visit to an adventure park in Helsinki made him see that this is something we don’t have in Pori or in Satakunta.

Yyteri is a unique place and the surroundings are amazing, but it has not been used to its full potential, he says.

The first season of the adventure park Huikee will end soon and the entrepreneur can be satisfied.

To tell the truth, the first season exceeded all expectations. We have got a lot of positive feedback and the adventure park has been received really well. We believe that the adventure park will have a tremendous future, Lehtonen says happily.


The culmination of SAMK’s entrepreneurship week is the selection of the entrepreneur of the year, who has studied in the Enterprise Accelerator. The prize was awarded for the 13th time.  




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