The face of SAMK: Alberto Lanzanova – Culture enthusiast

– I first came to Finland in January 2014, during the darkest time of the year. I was expecting cold weather and snow, but it was dark and rainy. I had high expectations of Finland, and it still lived up to it.

18.10.2017 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Petra O'Rourke

Alberto Uudestaan

Lanzanova, 30, studied communication sciences at Bergamo University and his studies consisted of linguistics, sociology and anthropology. He was always interested in Finland and came to Pori in 2014 to do his internship at SAMK’s international office.

After almost three years of working at SAMK, his work has evolved and grown. The basis of it is communication, administrative paper work and orientation of both outgoing and incoming exchange students. He also teaches some student groups intercultural communication. Being in continuing contact with partner Universities, Lanzanova is an important marketer of the exchange possibilities that SAMK offers.

The best part of my job is meeting people from different countries and cultures, it really opens your view of the world.

– In my view that part of my job is important, but as important or even more so is to make sure that the exchange students have a great experience here at SAMK because they are the SAMK ambassadors as they go back to their home countries and among peers, says Lanzanova.


In his spare time, Alberto feels passionate about board games and being outdoors in nature. – I’m jealous about the relationship that Finns have with nature. Especially the silence and cabins in the middle of the nowhere.

Culture, culture, culture!

– The best part of my job is meeting people from different countries and cultures, it really opens your view of the world. Also, the work environment and colleagues at SAMK are the best things. To me the SAMK culture is professional and friendly, everybody here is so helpful, he continues.

When asked about cultural differences, he sighs. There are some.

– Italians can’t be silent, that is something they all should learn. Finns are also more respectful of others: personal space, queuing, how to address people and driving. Italians are easier to get to know. But when you really get to know a Finn, they are said to be friends for life, I believe that, he explains.

I’ve always liked my own space and time.

There is something he still hasn’t mastered during his time in Finland. It’s the language. Alberto says he feels too shy to talk in Finnish.

– November, the toughest part of the year would be ideal for studying Finnish.

He finds that the time in Finland has changed him as a person. He considers himself now more Finn than Italian.

– I’ve always liked my own space and time. In Finland I’m more harmonized with society without feeling weird, Alberto explains with a grin on his face.


Alberto Lanzanova works at SAMK international office as an international relations secretary.


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