Students will be employed: Ibrahim jumped from Southern Asia to Finland for studying

Ibrahim Khalil from Bangladesh wanted an international degree after the upper secondary school. He moved to Finland and studied at the degree programme of International Business at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

15.8.2018 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Marina Wikman

Ibrahim Khalil studies the Master’s Degree at the degree programme of Business Management and Entrepreneurship at SAMK.
Ibrahim Khalil studies the Master’s Degree at the degree programme of Business Management and Entrepreneurship at SAMK.

Ibrahim graduated with the degree of a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2012. After graduation he moved to Espoo and established a franchising Kotipizza restaurant in 2014. At present, Ibrahim has four restaurants in the metropolitan area.

However, during the work years, he felt he needed some extra education. After the good bachelor education experience, he decided to apply for the Business Management and Entrepreneurship education at SAMK to get a degree of a Master of Business Administration.  Ibrahim began his master’s studies in January 2018.

Flexible e-learning staying at the metropolitan area

The most part of the studies is conducted through the net. Contact sessions in Rauma are ca 4-5 in an academic year.

– In the beginning the e-learning needed adjusting, but I think I have developed as a student.

E-learning suits me fine and, at the same time, I can work full-time. I take the courses staying in Espoo. E-learning is very suitable for various life situations.

Ibrahim tells that everyone studying in the same programme is also working.  They have a good team and they support each other in the studies.

– We have shared our own experiences of the working life and that has surely developed everyone further.

– While studying, I hope to get a broader picture of the future international trade. I have my own enterprise and I can apply all the learnt things straight away. I believe I will get many new tools for my entrepreneurship, which will help me grow my enterprise.

Ibrahim recommends the Business Management and Entrepreneurship education.

– I began the master’s studies at the right time and they are exactly what my professional development needs. This gives me a good basis for establishing a new and potentially international enterprise in the future. My dream is to bring clothes from Bangladesh to Europe.

Ibrahim Khahil 2

Ibrahim Khalil

Bachelor of Business Management, Master of Business Management student

Owner of four franchising restaurants

15.8.2018 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Marina Wikman

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