Students will be employed: Becoming an engineer through online studying – Challenging but very educating

– The issues studied have been appropriate. We have received topical tasks and information from the teachers on the themes at hand. The teachers are broad-minded and supportive. You get help and support whenever you need it.

7.3.2018 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Vaklin Angelov

Vaklin Angelov

Becoming an engineer through online studying – Challenging but very educating

Vaklin Angelov comes from Bulgaria, where he has taken the Bachelor’s Degree in port and fleet management and the Master’s Degree in navigation. After graduation he worked for 16 years at sea on private yachts and later on passenger boats. During his last ship order he met his wife and they decided to base their shared home in Rauma.

– I wanted to improve my chances at the labour market, so I decided to study more.

In the autumn 2017 Vaklin started studying at SAMK in the English language Industrial Management engineering program.

– The studies have met with my expectations. Various contact and feedback systems work well, which is important, because the studying is mainly online using different electronic systems.

In the beginning of each term there are a few contact days in Rauma.  After that the rest of the term is studying online and keeping in contact with the teachers and one’s fellow students through the net.

Distance studying can feel challenging at first, but you learn new skills in a new environment.

– The studies consist of independent online studying and lectures with the HILL system. We have also some group assignments. Distance studying requires more self-discipline and anticipation than contact studying. Distance studying can feel challenging at first, but you learn new skills in a new environment.

Industrial Management includes product planning and optimizing, various manufacturing methods, product development, purchasing, human resource management and business management. During the studies the students acquire an engineer’s theoretical understanding for everything and an analytical approach to work.

– Let’s put it this way that there’s been nothing boring in the studies, replies Vaklin to the question of the most interesting thing in the studying so far.

Vaklin Angelov3

Vaklin Angelov

Degree Programme in Industrial Management, Student

7.3.2018 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Vaklin Angelov

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