Statista provides students with useful statistics and infographics

SAMK Library has subscribed to Statista – one of the world’s most successful statistics portals.

3.4.2018 | By: Harri Salminen | Photo: Statista


Statista is an excellent source of statistics. It is a great place to simply search for a topic to find relevant and useful statistics. Statista collects, evaluates, and publishes key statistics on relevant subjects, providing users with a comprehensive overview of available data on a specific topic.

Statista provides statistics on a wide variety of topics. Content is geared towards business and marketing statistical needs with a focus on current statistics. Ready made tables and graphics are available for download to insert into presentations. Data is downloadable in PPT, XLS, PDF and PNG.

Statista provides access to statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications and government sources on six hundred industries.



You can choose from a range of options from beautifully designed infographics to complete industry reports and in-depth analyses of data collected by Statista:

  • Statistics: over 1 000 000 statistics from four different databases: German, English, French and Spanish
  • Forecasts & surveys: 5-year forecasts on hot topics and exclusive surveys among consumers and experts
  • Infographics: hot topics and issues visualized
  • Topics: over 80 000 topics are the ideal starting point for research
  • Studies and reports: studies database containing over 32 000 external studies
  • Digital Market Outlook: detailed analyses and in-depth evaluations for various digital markets
  • Consumer Market Outlook: detailed analyses and in-depth evaluations for the consumer goods sector
  • Companies: company database for over 5 000 companies

For detailed information see Welcome to Statista.

SAMK students and staff can go to Statista via the link in SAMK Finna.


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