Simulating working life means throwing oneself into role play

Simulation, or simulating working life in a learning situation is a part of the digitalization of teaching. It could also be called a role play with plenty of pedagogical methods and goals.

14.9.2018 | By: Hanna Valtokivi | Photo: Tomi Glad

Students practice giving resuscitation with a doll

– Simulation of nursing is always started with briefing. Things needed in simulation exercise are revised and the aim is to create a convenient atmosphere for conducting the exercise. The simulation is followed by debriefing where the exercise is discussed, says Kirsti Virta, Senior Lecturer in Nursing.

Thus, theory is combined with practical learning. A meaningful, good simulation exercise challenges and engages the student but it should not be too difficult.

– If feeling nervous, the student may pay attention to minor issues and that´s why creating a safe atmosphere is important. The student needs to have enough knowledge on the case and know what is expected of him/her and what are the goals.

Unlike in real life, the situation can be repeated and failures mended.

It has been noticed that simulation working has several advantages compared to traditional learning.

– It teaches the students team and interpersonal skills, self-confidence and confidence on own actions as well as quick decision-making. Those acting as observers in the exercise will learn critical observation and giving feedback.

Simulation exercises are also a safe transitional phase to working life.

– Skills can be practiced without risks, drawbacks and guilt. You can learn from your mistakes in a safe way because e.g. the effects of medicines can be seen fast, Kirsti Virta tells us.

14.9.2018 | By: Hanna Valtokivi | Photo: Tomi Glad

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