SAMK opens Nursing Studies for Chinese students

The Faculty of Health and Welfare of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences signed a cooperation agreement on a double degree with Chinese Changzhou University.

21.10.2016 | By: Tuula Rouhiainen-Valo | Photo: Chujun Xiao


Dean of Faculty of Health and Welfare Tuula Rouhiainen-Valo and Vice Dean of School of Nursing Wang Liqun signed a cooperation agreement.

This agreement makes it possible for those nursing students who have studied two years at Changzhou University to enter the Degree Programme in Nursing at SAMK. The aim of this agreement is provide students with nursing education complying with the EU directives. The Chinese students pay a tuition fee in Finland. According to the agreement part of the double degree studies must be completed in China.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences has cooperated with Changzhou University in the fields of business administration and technology for a long time. Cooperation in the field of health and welfare was originated by the situation demanding challenging reforms in elderly care in China. This cooperation was further boosted by SAMK’s own worker in China.

SAMK has expertise and competence in elderly care and it provides instruction in elderly care both at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. China cooperation has been extended to private entrepreneurs and provinces of the city Changzou. The aim is to improve the workers’ skills related to, e.g. memory diseases. Reforms in Chinese elderly care make it necessary to create new operational models. SAMK is also going to participate in this work.

This agreement is an important opening for the Faculty of Health and Welfare and for SAMK in general, since one of the focus areas in SAMK’s strategy is international cooperation. Even Ministry of Culture and Education emphasizes internationality. Students can also complete the whole nursing degree at SAMK, since a new Degree Programme in Nursing with tuition in English will be started in autumn 2017.


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