SAMK hosts international NIBS Case Competition

Teams from 16 schools in 9 countries are tackling international business problems and presenting their recommendations to expert panels of managers and academics at SAMK Campus Rauma.

28.2.2017 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: SAMK students

Anssi Pajala ja NIBS-kilpailun osallistuja.

SAMK Campus Rauma hosts an international business case competition this week. NIBS Worldwide Case Competition is an annual competition which is held in different member schools of NIBS.  The staff members responsible for the NIBS Case Competition at SAMK are Marina Wikman and Anssi Pajala.

The opening reception was on Sunday 26 February. The students compete in teams of four. They read, analyze and solve a 10-20 page case, and present at least two solutions. The teams act as consultants, and the judges take the roles of the company. On Friday 3 March are the Grand Final case presentations.

A SAMK team has participated five times in the case competition, and has twice managed to get to the championship round. The team members are different every year. As SAMK is the host institution, a SAMK team has the right to enter the championship round.


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