SAMK hosts four international events at the end of April in Pori

The last week of April 22.4.–27.4. SAMK campus in Pori organizes four international education related events. There will be approximately 150 people taking part in the events of tourism, nursing, elderly care and Swedish teaching.

13.4.2018 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Katri Väkiparta

International Week in SAMK in 2016.

In 2016 SAMK hosted an international week on the theme of Future Learning.

The future of tourism is the theme of the international week in tourism organized for the first time. Lectures focus on current trends in the field and workshops concentrate on how to consider the changing demands of working life in the curricula of universities. Nearly 30 lecturers, professors and researchers from all over Europe will participate in the week. Because of the new strategy of SAMK there has been a considerable increase in internationalization especially in the field of tourism. Concrete signs of this internationalization are both this international week and the new degree programme of International Tourism Development that starts at SAMK in autumn 2018.

Nursing and elderly care students from all over Europe

During ENNE-intensive week, European nursing students have an opportunity to compare for instance their skills, work experiences and cultural attitudes through group work and workshops. The goal of European Network of Nursing in Higher Education (ENNE) is to support high quality innovation in nursing education and to expand the nursing students’ views of the European work field. ENNE network is formed by fourteen different universities from all over Europe providing education in nursing. ENNE-intensive week is organized every spring at one of the network universities. Approximately 70 nursing students and 20 teachers will participate the week’s events.

During the international intensive week of elderly care, the students and teachers of the field will exchange their thoughts on multidisciplinary elderly care based on the professional skills, strengths and innovative pedagogical methods of the participants. The students will also do group work on the subject during the week. Almost 30 students and teachers from seven European universities will participate the week. The participating universities are all part of The Multidisciplinary Approach in Elderly Care (MultiNEC) network that is funded by Nordplus.

The theme of the network meeting of Svebinar-project is digitality in teaching Swedish. The programme of the meeting includes lectures on digitality and future learning, visits to the Swedish school and kindergarten in Pori and cultural tours in Pori and Rauma. SAMK students get to practice their Swedish skills when the tourism students make campus tours for the visitors in Swedish and physiotherapy students lead break workouts in Swedish. The aim of Svebinar-project, which is coordinated by SAMK and funded by Nordplus, is to promote the Swedish skills of the students of four universities online. Participants of the project alongside SAMK are Oulu University of Applied Sciences and universities from Sweden and Latvia.


Welcome to have a look at the “Entrepreneurship in Nursing” fair of ENNE intensive week on Tuesday 24.4. at 14–16 and a poster exhibition on Wednesday 25.4. at 11–13 in Agora hall at SAMK campus in Pori (Satakunnankatu 23). There will be both student and teacher participants of the week present at the events.

Additional information on the events

Website of the events:

International Week of Tourism: Senior lecturer Tiina García, +358 44 710 3343,

ENNE Intensive Programme: Senior lecturer Minna Markkanen, +358 44 710 3558,

MultiNEC Intensive Course: Senior lecturer Päivi Kankaanranta, +358 44 710 6221,

Svebinar: Senior lecturer Mari Linna, +358 44 710 3472,

13.4.2018 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Katri Väkiparta

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