SAMK compiles climate and energy strategy for the region of Satakunta 2030

SAMK compiles a climate and energy strategy for Satakunta 2030 together with the Regional Council of Satakunta and regional stakeholders. The strategy will describe the most important climate and energy objectives in the region of Satakunta as well as the focuses to reach the objectives.

11.1.2021 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Pixabay

Avara maisema, poutapilvinen taivas ja kaksi tuulimyllyä.

Strategic objectives emphasize the mitigation of climate change. Goals connected to adapting to climate change have also been highlighted. The strategy aims at meeting the current national and international changes.

– It has been great to get to create such a regionally important document. The goal is to describe the will and determination of the whole region to mitigate and adapt to the climate change, tells Meri Olenius, Regional Coordinator for Canemure project.

The vision of the climate and energy strategy for Satakunta is:” In 2030 Satakunta is an environmentally friendly region of sustainable solutions”. The vision is strived for with three strategic themes.

The first strategic theme is Satakunta for Sustainable Energy Solutions. The objective of the theme is the sustainability and zero-emissions of the energy production and consumption in Satakunta. The theme is realized by aiming at energy-wise land use and construction, by decreasing emissions from energy consumption and production as well as by developing versatile competence and education in the field of energy and the environment.

The second strategic theme is Carbon Neutral Satakunta. The objective of the theme is the status of HINKU (Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities) region and reaching the goals of HINKU region. The goal is implemented by decreasing emissions and strengthening carbon sinks.

The third theme is Climate-Wise Satakunta. The objective of the theme is wise repetitive everyday routines from the climate´s perspective that can be seen at work and in working methods, in consumption and social contexts. The theme is enforced by shifting from climate confusion to climate awareness, by promoting circular economy, by preparing for and adapting to the effects of climate change and by supporting the biodiversity of nature.

The compilation of the strategy was implemented in Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities and Regions (Canemure) – Life IP project. The Canemure project carries out practical climate measures, promotes regional climate work and supports pioneer municipality networks and hands-on measures with the help of experts. Close cooperation with the Regional Council of Satakunta and regional stakeholders has supported strategic work. The work has been steered by a regional cooperation group. The objective is that the strategy is completed by 31 March 2021.

11.1.2021 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Pixabay

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