SAMK boosts international tourism in the Baltic Sea region

The development of tourism in the Baltic Sea region has become more international. The number of international tourist arrivals has increased by 50% since the millennium. This requires skills development and similar professional skills in the tourism industry across the region.

2.5.2017 | By: Sanna-Mari Renfors | Photo: Visit Finland

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Especially skills in multichannel sales and marketing communication need improvement.  It is vital to have skills in identifying and reaching international tourists through a variety of channels.

Skill gaps also exist in enhancing the visibility of destinations in digital channels. The aim of our activities is to make it easy to find and buy the travel products.

In addition, boosting international tourism in the Baltic Sea region requires market knowledge. Internationalisation is also about creating and adjusting high quality, authentic offering to meet the needs of international target groups.

Even international customer service skills need improvement to provide customer service corresponding to the expectations of international tourists.

The necessary skills will be translated into a joint curriculum.

The project BOOSTED was launched to support the development of the Baltic Sea region as an international tourism destination. A relevant skillset needed in the future jobs will be identified in Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

After that, the necessary skills will be translated into a joint curriculum. The curriculum will then be implemented as a professional higher education study programme provided online in English.

The novelty of the curriculum is in a jointly designed study programme with three states involved. Jointly developed courses will increase the awareness and visibility of education and appeal to students both nationally and internationally.

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2.5.2017 | By: Sanna-Mari Renfors | Photo: Visit Finland

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