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Companies, public sector and SAMK have a common will and understanding to focus on industrial renewal. Industrial companies in the region have faith in the future. The number of ongoing and starting investments in Satakunta is more than one billion euros.

SAMK’s choice was to adopt the profile of an industrial  university which is clearly different compared to other universities in Finland.


4.11.2016 | By: Cimmo Nurmi | Photo: Veera Korhonen

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This decision was based on several arguments. Satakunta is an industrial region and its meaning as a national industrial and export cluster is very significant. Satakunta is the second most industrialised region when industrial staff, salaries and turnover are measured.

There is a nationally important industrial lane between city of Pori and city of Huittinen. City of Rauma is involved in innovative work in the industrial areas of Lakari and Seaside Industry Park. North Satakunta has an agroecological industrial park of Kirkkokallio.


An industrial university of applied sciences emphasises renewal, export expertise and employees’ capacity to act.

An industrial university of applied sciences emphasises renewal, export expertise and employees’ capacity to act. The choice of the profile was based, in particular, on the Degree Programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Automation, Energy Engineering, Logistics and International Business.

The most important individual factor is automation. About 100 automation and robotics companies form the Robocoast automation network in Satakunta. There is a cluster of 30+ world-class automation companies only in city of Ulvila. In conclusion, automation is the main strength area of Satakunta.

An essential part of our profile involves three focus areas of our strategy: automation and industry 4.0, maritime management and services for the elderly. We strengthen automation competence in the area, we train international seafarers and we provide new competences to the services for the elderly.

According to our strategy new emerging fields include smart water and energy technology, logistics and tourism business. It is our task to translate competences in environment and logistics into business and we also act as a leader of development in tourism.

SAMK has a key role in the region as a promoter of entrepreneurship, internationalization and new innovation platforms. We want to enhance our role in regional cooperation within the employment market in order to better serve the companies and public sector.

Our profile challenges us to focus on the renewal of industry. The functions will be steered by internationalisation both in training and in research.

SAMKin tutkimuksen vararehtori Cimmo Nurmi.

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Cimmo Nurmi
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4.11.2016 | By: Cimmo Nurmi | Photo: Veera Korhonen

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