Read 7000 newspaper and magazine titles from 100 countries

PressReader, provided by SAMK Library for students, is your online access to thousands of newspapers and magazines from more than one hundred countries. Get full issues just as they appear in print.

27.6.2018 | By: Harri Salminen | Photo: PressReader


PressReader is a great resource for foreign and exchange students. You can choose from thousands of magazines and newspapers and read them in the original layout online on a web browser or download to a tablet app. Browse by country or language to find publications from home and other countries. There are publications for example from China, India, USA, Canada, Russia – Europe and other continents.


Browse the categories for interesting magazines: animals, pets, arts, music, photography, automotive, business, hobbies, entertainment, food, gaming, gardening, health, home, academic, lifestyle, tech, sports, travel etc.

PressReader is provided by SAMK Library for students and staff. It is licensed for three simultaneous users.

Find the link to PressReader in Finna. Log in with your SAMK ID if required.

How to Use the PressReader Tablet App

Install the PressReader tablet app:

To download newspapers and magazines your tablet must be first connected to SAMK Wi-Fi or you must log in to PressReader using the web browser in your tablet . After a successful Wi-Fi connection you can download items also while you are somewhere else. This "complimentary access" is valid for three days. Then you must bring the tablet to SAMK Wi-Fi again or connect it to another PressReader Hotspot or log in to PressReader using the web browser in your tablet.


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