Protecting the Baltic Sea requires actions on land and sea – video guide on ditch filters published

Protecting the Baltic Sea requires actions on both land and sea area. Along with rainwater and runoff water from arable land, phosphorus flows into waterbody and causes eutrophication in the Baltic Sea. Eutrophication can be seen as, for example, toxic blue-green algae blooms in water.

One method to prevent phosphorus from flowing into waterbody, is to build affordable small-scale filters in ditches by arable land.

17.10.2017 | By: Merja Ahonen & Kristiina Kortelainen

In the project’s pilot watershed of Eurajoki area, new technology has been tested to reduce the nutrient inflow into the waterbody. The working principle and the main steps to build a phosphorus filter are presented on the video.

The video is part of the WATERCHAIN project that is coordinated by SAMK and funded by Interreg Central Baltic, EU.

Read more of the WATERCHAIN project.

17.10.2017 | By: Merja Ahonen & Kristiina Kortelainen

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