NIBS – Positive experience even for the rookie judges!

Amazing competence of the student teams in recognising the most essential challenges, and the professionality in providing solutions, was a true surprise to judges first time in this NIBS competition.

16.3.2017 | By: Katri Väkiparta


According to the rookies, Jaana Sävel and Pia Halttunen, RDI coordinators in SAMK:

– Full concentration was constantly needed and after the days we were really exhausted. Still, the week really was most valuable for us, too.

Although being first a bit tensed and even feeling uncomfortable, the judges started to get enthusiastic and even excited as the week went bye. There were plenty of material to study in advance, long case descriptions to orientate requiring motivation and a serious number of hours.

Especially challenging was the intensive business-relation in the cases, as it is something the ladies are not directly dealing with in their daily work. Anyhow each time there were at least 3 judges, so nobody needed to make such a decision on their own.

– Our task was indeed demanding, but we were confident in the other judges, as in each competition, there were jury members from though business life as well. Occasionally it was really difficult to find such differences from the competitive teams, which could give justification to pick the winner. And these teams had students only around 20 years of age, but they were so professional already!

Jaana and Pia are still most delighted of the given opportunity to step out of the comfort zone, as the week was a wonderful opportunity to have new contacts, strengthen international networks and gaining more self-confidence to cope in exceptional events.

– If another opportunity was given, we would definitely do this again! Like being judges in the 23rd NIBS Case Competition in Guatemala, the ladies suggest slightly smiling.

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