Peliselli opens at SAMK!

What is it about? Peliselli can serve a wide range of stakeholders - from a technology perspective it is a games and experience lab, for the social and health sector it is a technology (information) bank and for partnering organizations it is a service design factory. Above all, it is a meeting point where you can get support and assistance in the use and development of serious games, experiential technologies, gamification, and storytelling. – I would say it is a melting pot of industries, says Janika Tommiska, the project manager. 

26.4.2023 | By: Sari Merilampi and Janika Tommiska | Photo: Petra O'Rourke

Three people are rooting on the couch.
Among the Peliselli designers are Researching Principal Lecturer, Sari Merilampi (left) and the project manager and researcher-teacher Janika Tommiska (centre). Project researcher Kari Marttila will certainly use the Peliselli facilities.

BIljardipöydällä on pelaamiseen liittyvää rekvisiittaa. Kuvituskuva.A transformable space Peliselli is being built on the Pori campus. On the one hand, the space will be used to experiment and develop serious games, experience technology and a variety of ways to stimulate the senses, for example in the form of different lights, sensations, soundscapes, and smells. Technology will be utilized in a variety of ways, from virtual reality to sandboxes. On the other hand, the space will also provide a sensory-friendly and relaxing environment, where the senses can rest. 

From an operational point of view, Peliselli means "new toys" for engineering students and the opportunity to develop prototypes for real needs within student projects, as well as new networks across a wide range of industries. For students from other sectors, Peliselli can offer contacts, support and ideas for technology and new ways of experimenting, testing and applying technology to their own sector. For teachers, this means a new environment to use technology in their own teaching, or opportunities to use project-based learning in their own work. But the most important function is to offer our stakeholders a place where they can try out the different possibilities of gamification and experiential technologies and reflect together on how to use them in their own work. 

– You can come to Peliselli with a problem, a need, or a mandate. Together, we can work out how to get started. We can all benefit from diversifying our networks and learning about multidisciplinary product development and our roles as part of it, says Tommiska. 

The idea of Peliselli was born out of the need of the field and our own enthusiasm. The corona pandemic has inevitably boosted digital literacy and the use of various remote services, but remote access alone may not be enough to attract, engage and motivate customers to use the service. The idea behind Peliselli is to develop and share the know-how needed to exploit gamification, experiences, serious games, and storytelling in different services. The ultimate purpose of Peliselli is to improve service quality, customer engagement and experience, and cross-sectoral learning. The idea of Peliselli has been built from the ground up by a very multidisciplinary team. It includes a wide range of technical disciplines, experts from the welfare sector and cultural experts. The aim is to make it as widely usable as possible. Training sessions will also be organised during the spring. Stay tuned! 


Sarilla on päässään hassu pipo ja Karilla naamassaan naamari.

Serious game – A game designed to provide the player with benefits other than entertainment, such as learning or movement. 

Gamification – The use of elements familiar from games in a different context, typically as a means of motivation. 

Experiential - refers to a positive, often multi-sensory experience. 

Storytelling - Storytelling can be used to achieve a deeper understanding or to convey a feeling. 

Sensory accessibility – Balance between stimulation and relaxation, reduction of stimuli, diversification of stimuli. 

Are you interested in getting involved in what is done at Peliselli? Join our workshop. 


3.5.2023 at 12.00 – 13.30
SAMK Pori Campus, B180 

Additional information: 

Sari Merilampi
p. 044 710 3171

Janika Tommiska
p. 044 710 6332


The Peliselli project aims to improve the accessibility, customer orientation, diversity, and attractiveness of social, health, welfare, and guidance services through the use of experiential and gaming technologies, multidisciplinary development activities and the strengthening of competences. With diversified services, its long-term goal is to reach, engage and empower service users and promote their agency and well-being. The project is funded by the European Social Fund as part of the Union's response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 



26.4.2023 | By: Sari Merilampi and Janika Tommiska | Photo: Petra O'Rourke

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