Pay library fines online in SAMK Finna

Payment can be conducted via Finnish online banks or by using international credit cards.

4.1.2017 | By: Harri Salminen

Online payment

Paying your library fines just got more convenient. You can pay overdue fines of returned or renewed loans now online. Renewal is not possible if you have fines more than 20 euros.

Paying online step by step:

  • Login to Finna.
  • Go to Your Account and choose Charges tab.
  • Select Pay online.
  • Please note that you cannot change the amount of the payment.
  • After you have paid, please return to Finna so that the payment will be registered to the library system without a delay.

You can pay your library fines also at the campus libraries. More information on overdue fines and other charges can be found at the library website.

Read more about online payments. Please contact the library if you need help.


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