Daniela Tanhua SAMK Kuva: Johanna Kaisjoki
15.4.2019 | Business

COLUMN: Internationality belongs to everyday life – there’s no need for contemplation

On a Wednesday in March at SAMK Rauma Campus, 2nd floor of Satamakatu: 60 students in a classroom solving a game connected to production, distribution and purchasing. Half of the students are from our French partner university Vesoul and the other half are SAMK students; there are both Logistics students from the field of Engineering and International Business students from the field of Business Administration.
Mikko Lehtonen
12.4.2019 | Business

COLUMN: How is the digital foundation of your brick-and-mortar store doing?

Internet giants are pushing prices down, people are increasingly moving to urban centers, consumers are speding more and more time online, and, with artificial intelligence, you feel you will soon be left with peanuts…Do these fears sound familiar? Well, you’re not the only one. Brick-and-mortar stores have been dealing with these challenges for a while already. Is there anything that could be done?
SAMK kuukauden kuva Anni Hurmila: Etäisyyksiä, Distances
19.2.2019 | Arts

Monthly image: Distances by Anni Hurmila

– Traditional painting is the most important working method for me. However, I want to expand the presentation of my paintings from the traditional to reflecting on what a painting can be and how it can position itself in a space. Lately my paintings have positioned themselves as installations for example on the floor, writes Anni Hurmila who has graduated from SAMK as a visual artist.