Anne Pohjus SAMK
29.1.2019 | Logistics

Do you know logistics? It´s all around us in our daily life

Logistics is everywhere and belongs to everyone´s daily life in one way or the other. The field is not very well known, even though it deals with matters that affect for example how milk is delivered fresh to the consumer, the frozen products icy to the supermarket freezer and fresh fruit to our dinner table.
Dino Vapaavuori: Your dad just calls me Katya, 2018, spray, akryyli, maalitussit ja glitter kankaalle, 176 cm x 134 cm
28.1.2019 | Arts

Monthly image: Your dad just calls me Katya by Dino Vapaavuori

– I´m inspired by social media and pop culture phenomena, Dino Vapaavuori writes in our Monthly image series. Nowadays he mostly uses Instagram to present his art, instead of a gallery. – It´s cool that my art is honestly available for everyone to see and even to buy, if you wish to.
21.12.2018 | SAMK

Season’s Greetings!

We have given the funds reserved for Christmas greetings to the Satakunta Registered Association to Support Physician-Based Ambulance.