Over 2 million euros of international funding to SAMK for the development of export and entrepreneurship

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences succeeded excellent in the 3rd funding search of the Central Baltic funding program in the Baltic Sea region. SAMK coordinates two new projects: one promotes export of maritime cluster to Southern Africa and the other increases green entrepreneurship and knowledge of green business. The program funds result-oriented joint projects between countries in the Baltic Sea region.

16.1.2018 | By: Minna Keinänen-Toivola | Photo: Minna Keinänen-Toivola

Rauman satama.


Moreover, SAMK is involved in three other projects now funded. Central Baltic projects have common theme to support the development of the industry’s business in the international co-operation network in the Satakunta region.

What is done in the projects?

We promote the export of maritime cluster to Southern Africa using Namibia as a gateway for the Southern African markets. Themes are shipbuilding, maritime, renewable energy, automation and ICT. Prizztech is involved also from Satakunta region. (Project: SME Aisle)

We enhance green entrepreneurship and knowledge of green business. Entrepreneurs receive tailored and focused know-how that enables sustainable business growth in accordance with their nature values. (NatureBizz)

We are involved in creating of an export network for wood product sector in central Baltic Sea area to China. The project can take advantage of the SAMK’s strong contacts already existing with China. (LEF network to China)

We aim to the construction market of Middle East with solutions improving indoor hygiene together with Turku School of Economics, Pori Unit and, as with other projects, with international partners. (IHMEC)

We boost the marine traffic between Finland and Sweden, the movement of both goods and people. In Satakunta, the port of Rauma forms the transport hub together with the port of Gävle. (Efficient Flow)

All projects will begin in March 2018 and last at least three years.

In addition, SAMK obtained 1 million euro for domestic projects.


Further details from SAMK:

Projects SME Aisle and Efficient Flow

Research manager, Ph.D. Minna Keinänen-Toivola
+358 44 710 3063, minna.keinanen-toivola@samk.fi

Project NatureBizz

Researching Principal Lecturer, Ph.D. Sanna-Mari Renfors
+358 44 710 3821, sanna-mari.renfors@samk.fi

LEF network to China

Senior China Advisor, M.Sc. (Tech.) Markku Paukkunen
+358 44 710 3152, markku.paukkunen@samk.fi


Senior Researcher, Ph.D. Riika Mäkinen
Mobile phone: +358 44 710 3064, riika.makinen@samk.fi


Central Baltic funding program is European regional development funding. It funds target regions in Finland and Sweden, Åland, Estonia and Latvia. Funding is granted only for supranational projects with pre-defined EU policy themes.


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