Noora is ready to pull out all the stops in the international Nursing education

A week-long personal experience from hospital gave Noora Lempinen a stepping stone for nursing studies. At the hospital one of the nurses gave Noora hope with her positive disposition and attitude to overcome a serious inflammation. After recovery, Noora recalled the nurse warmly and decided that she wanted to be like that as well.

22.10.2018 | By: Elina Valkama and Henna Korvakangas (SAMK's student) | Photo: Elina Valkama

Nursing student Noora Lempinen inserting a cannula in the simulation class room

Nursing students practice a lot with dummies in simulation classrooms. For example blood pressure measurement, cannulation and resuscitation situations can be practiced there.

Noora also wanted to pull out all the stops and she applied for the English Nursing degree programme.

– In the background there was some wish to show off. I wanted to show that I can do this.

Noora is a laboratory assistant and has worked as a waitress for several years. Studying after a few years´ break feels great.

– Nursing studies burden a lot at times but still the overriding feeling is enthusiasm for studies. Terrific teachers and a good team spirit increase the zeal for studies and the wish to aim far.

Simulation exercises and practical training are the best part of studies

– The thing I like most in nursing studies is that besides the theory there´s a lot of simulation of the working life in simulation classrooms and concrete practical training periods, when you get to work in real life and meet patients.

Noora praises the simulation classrooms where you get to practice different situations realistically with computer-guided dummies.

– We have practiced for example cannulation and giving injections. Resuscitation situations and putting on a drip have become familiar. It's great that we can practice clinical competence in the campus in a controlled space before leaving for practical training.

Noora likes to talk about the good team spirit within the group, how everybody contributes and encourages one another. The group consists of nursing students between 20 – 40+ years of age.

– We have a really diversified and bubbling group. Our group includes some students from Asia, several from Africa, Europe and some from Northern Europe. I´m grateful I´ve learned to know all these people.

During the spring of the first academic year the students had the first two practical training periods.  During the first five weeks each student got to know three different health care facilities, i.e. those of mental health, geriatric care and developmentally disabled. The teachers had selected and arranged the places for students. The other five-week practical training period took place in a long-term care facility, which the students arranged by themselves.

An international degree is a one-way ticket to the world

Internationality can be seen in Nursing education daily. There are many nationalities in the group and the tuition is all in English. Because the studies and some of the practical training take place in Finland, it is advisable that the students know some Finnish as well. The study plan of the foreigners includes a study unit in Finnish and there is another elective study unit available.

International education opens various doors to working life.

– International education opens various doors to working life. As the education is given is English and the practical training in Finnish, the professional terminology is familiar in both languages. My dream is to travel the world working.

Noora encourages others to choose international studies.

– If you are social, you want to challenge yourself and help others after graduating, I´ll recommend applying for the international Nursing education with an open mind. There´s no need to be shy about studying in English. You´re sure to enjoy meeting new, fantastic people and their cultures. After the first year I couldn´t even imagine studying in Finnish anymore.

Nursing student Noora Lempinen in SAMK campus Pori atrium

Noora Lempinen

Degree Programme in Nursing, Student

22.10.2018 | By: Elina Valkama and Henna Korvakangas (SAMK's student) | Photo: Elina Valkama

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