NIBS coordinators Marina and Anssi: “This spices up the job”

Marina Wikman and Anssi Pajala are in charge of taking care of the NIBS Case Competition at SAMK. They do it because they find it both challenging and fun. Who are they and why do they enjoy working internationally with students?

20.2.2017 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Anne Sankari

Anssi Pajala ja Marina Wikman
Anssi Pajala & Marina Wikman

It is somewhat of a surprise that Wikman and Pajala are actually quite similar: both want to pep up work: they stay motivated by being rolling stones. They want to challenge themselves and learn. They also want students to do the same.

– Professionally we are on the same wavelength, Anssi Pajala says.
– That’s why it is easy to work together, Marina Wikman confirms.

Wikman teaches crosscultural communication and is involved in many things internationally.  New challenges motivate.

– That is why I like working at SAMK. I am inspired by international opportunities, and hope to spark up the students, as well.
– I am quite restless, and do what I enjoy. The case competition has always been one of the things, Pajala states.

When they were asked, if SAMK could host the NIBS case competition, the answer was easy.  They both say that the competition is a great thing with “fantastic atmosphere” and “buzz”.

The competition is a great thing with “fantastic atmosphere” and “buzz”.

– It is great that SAMK wants to do this. This is something that you do because you like it, and you do not count every hour, they both say.

They are happy that at SAMK one can try new approaches, one is allowed to be creative and innovative, despite the financially tough times.
– I really love this job, Marina confesses, and Anssi agrees.

They both enjoy international surroundings – and on the other hand living in a small town in Finland.
–  The quiet environment balances the busy and hectic work and free time, Anssi says.
– Family is the basis for energy, and they help keeping up motivation at work, Marina adds.


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20.2.2017 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Anne Sankari

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