New international scientific expertise at SAMK

SAMK's strategy has an international emphasis, calling for internationally acclaimed expertise. Even though SAMK produces international experts, it is also important to bring in internationally acclaimed scientific expertise from the outside.

30.6.2016 | By: Aino Pelto-Huikko

Johanna Virkki & Sari Merilampi
Johanna Virkki & Sari Merilampi

D.Sc. (Tech.) Johanna Virkki from Tampere University of Technology is a new expert member in the Well-being Enhancing Technology (WET) research group. Her recruiting process was not exactly traditional.

Academic researcher from Tampere University of Technology to be an expert at SAMK

For years now, we have collaborated closely with Johanna Virkki on research work regarding the new manufacturing methods of electronics and wearable antennas. The research group's projects have helped us to find interesting application areas for the technology we have been researching, particularly in the sector of well-being.

– This led to an idea about exchanging researchers and engaging in more wide-ranging collaboration, says Virkki.

In the spring, Johanna Virkki was awarded a distinguished academic research funding. In addition to close collaboration, this research plan also includes movement of researchers from Virkki's own research group to the WET research group.

– The academy funding is granted for 5 years so we are talking about long-term collaboration, states Virkki.

Combining the scientifically narrow research to SAMK's multi-disciplinary applied research has borne fruit since the beginning. The applied research implemented through the University of Applied Sciences' close collaboration with the working life helps to utilise the university's latest scientific research results in the development of new technological applications and services.

Toward China

Johanna is an experienced operator in China. Right now, for example, she coordinates a mobility program with Chinese partner universities, funded by the European Commission. China also plays a crucial role in SAMK's strategy.

– For a long time, Finland has battled with challenges created by the aging population, leading to many kinds of technological solutions seeing daylight.

We will travel together to China in the autumn of 2016.

– Our objective is to outline opportunities and new collaboration partners for more focused research regarding wearable sensors, Virkki explains enthusiastically.

– Additionally, we aim to find out what kind of opportunities particularly Satakunta-based companies' expertise could offer in China. By combining our existing relationships, expertise and infrastructure, we are even stronger and even more interesting.

Johanna Virkki & Sari Merilampi

About the author

D.Sc. (Tech.) Sari Merilampi
WET Research Group Leader

Sari, Doctor of Science in Electrical Engineering, received her education at Tampere University of Technology. Sari researches technological opportunities in order to promote well-being. In her research, Sari focuses particularly on RFID technology and its applications for enhancing well-being.

Photos: Antti Koivisto

30.6.2016 | By: Aino Pelto-Huikko