New degree programme in Tourism answers global phenomena

In autumn 2018 a new Bachelor’s Degree programme, International Tourism Development, starts at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK). The entire programme is designed for contemporary phenomena in tourism. This can be seen, for example, in the study courses which are planned based on research, benchmarking and surveys.

29.1.2018 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Tomi Glad, Veera Korhonen

SAMKin lehtori Tiina Garcia.

Tiina Garcia thinks that safety issues are important nowadays when it comes to international tourism. 

International tourism has always been very sensitive to what goes on in the world in general. What happens in the economic, political or social field globally has its impacts on tourism. The biggest changes are related to customer behaviour: today’s travellers look for more individual and experience-based travelling, especially in well-being tourism.

– Travellers are more aware of responsible tourism, which effects the decisions of travelling destinations, explains Tiina García, senior lecturer and a team leader at SAMK.

Modern traveller also expects to be able to use digital tools in each stage of travelling. This challenges the entire tourism business into a totally new way of thinking. The industry also has to network more than ever.

– We cannot ignore safety issues as one important aspect when talking about international tourism today.

Well-being from nature

– We approach international tourism from the destination management angle. It is universal and offers students the possibility to learn very diverse international tourism. It also offers a wide view of tourism, when planning one’s professional future.

– Interest for human and environmental well-being is increasing continuously. Our degree programme provides competences that convert well-being from nature into profitable business opportunities, in a responsible way, of course.

Our degree programme provides competences that convert well-being from nature into profitable business opportunities, in a responsible way.

The degree programme in International Tourism Development wants to offer an interesting and modern study experience for the students, but in the end, what matters is the value of the degree in the labour market. The goal is to provide students with such international skills that they have excellent prospects to be employed.

Working life and partners are closely involved

A close co-operation with work-life offers great possibilities to real learning-by-doing. The research group of tourism offers students a lot of different kind of interesting projects and other hands-on activities.

– We also have many higher education partners. The students can select studies from other universities, too, and this way broaden and deepen their skills, studying online, spending some time abroad or, for example, in the North of Finland.

With international and business-oriented approach the students will get excellent opportunities for different tourism-related jobs, such as supervisors, developers, coordinators and managers. In addition, the readiness for postgraduate studies is developed during this degree.

Students in Pori campus library.

Degree Programme in
International Tourism Development

Application period: 9 January – 28 March 2018

Learn more about the programme and applying

29.1.2018 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Tomi Glad, Veera Korhonen

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