Monthly image: The frying pan by Henri Ijäs

"Intimate and social levels are mixed in my works. It is imperative that the works make people think and create a space for experiencing something different", writes SAMK's fine arts alumnus Henri Ijäs in the series of Monthly images.

19.10.2016 | By: Henri Ijäs | Photo: Henri Ijäs

Kuukauden kuva Henri Ijas The Frying Pan

Henri Ijäs: The frying pan; Dog sausages of rubber and a frying pan, 2015


I mainly use sculpturing in my work, but recently I have also studied the possibilities of sound and video. I focus on sculpturing, because it provides a wide range of expression. I search for new materials and experiment with them. It is important for me to maintain the process of the work structured, yet unconsciously spontaneous, so the work can mold itself into its own direction.


Intimate and social levels are mixed in my works. It is imperative that the works make people think and create a space for experiencing something different. I approach my topics through the everyday and familiar world. Yet, the atmosphere is odd and unreal. I use a variety of materials from traditional, historical gypsum and bronze to polyurethane, tape, furniture and clothes. Art is a means of communication and familiar materials help to make my works easy to approach. If you are familiar with something, it is easy to interact with it.


In one of my works you come to a familiar cooking situation. However, there is something strange which should be cooked. What is all this about? You can watch the video at my home page


Henri Ijäs was born in Vammala in 1983 and graduated from Kankaanpää Art School in spring 2016.

19.10.2016 | By: Henri Ijäs | Photo: Henri Ijäs

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