Monthly image: Borromean by Linda Mattila

“For me art is above all a state of honesty, where I can ponder and question things and encounter them before they take a verbal form. My works are always raw and revealing to me and I connect emotional experiences with sense and pondering about this connection” Linda Mattila describes.

4.7.2017 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Linda Mattila

SAMK Agora taidekuva Mattila Linda Borromean

Linda Mattila, Borromean. 180 x 190 cm, oil on board, 2016.

My works often take the form of paintings or other images, because that is the best way to mediate my insights of the internal and external reality. However, I don’t want to restrict my art into one form of expression. I have also made, e.g. video art, installations and performances.

I feel that my art exists at the intersection of the internal reality and sensory reality. By internal reality I mean the person’s inner experiences, which are not restricted by absolute physical laws. My paintings reflect the subconscious very strongly and therefore even their form is unreal and surrealistic. The most important thing in art for me is its ability to mediate feelings and my paintings are a way of sharing the experiences of my feelings with others. Basically they reflect the feelings of contradiction in all humans, tension between the intellectual and civilized features and primitive urges. In my works I describe for example pain and pleasure, which express the close connection between the body and feelings. My interest in the bodily has led me to paint on wider and wider canvases, which makes the production of the works very physical.

The most important thing in art for me is its ability to mediate feelings and my paintings are a way of sharing the experiences of my feelings with others.

I often understand the meaning of my works only afterwards, when I analyze them. Although my works are clear to me, I want them to raise questions and different interpretations in the spectators. My latest topic explored the mind-body problematics. In other words, how it is possible for the physical brain to communicate with the non-physical mind. At the moment, I’m working on a series of paintings where I combine mathematics, philosophical theories and mythologies and interpret them from the psychological perspective.


Linda Mattila (born 1992) graduated from the art school in Kankaanpää in spring 2017. She comes from Naantali.

Contact information:,, (+358505936804)


4.7.2017 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Linda Mattila

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