Follow Minna’s vlog – Research manager on the road

Research manager Minna Keinänen-Toivola is vlogging about her RDI work at SAMK with a business trip to Washington DC related to COST AMiCI, AntiMicrobial Coating Innovations project.

27.1.2017 | By: Aino Pelto-Huikko

Minna Keinäsen lähikuva.
Research Manager Minna Keinänen-Toivola

The central aim is to evaluate the impact of antimicrobial coatings in healthcare on the spread of infections and on the efficacy in fighting Health Care Associated Infections and bacterial resistance to current antibiotics.

AMiCI brings together stakeholders from different countries and disciplines, including knowledge institutes, producers and processors of antimicrobial coatings, and organizations involved in the compliance with international standards on hygiene.

Minna Keinänen-Toivola acts in COST AMiCI as the vice chair.

More about AMiCI

See Minna's playlist and the latest vlog.

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