Master's degree in Maritime Management – a bridge from sea to land now for engineers

For the second time, an avenue to continue studies in the same field opens up for students who have completed Bachelor's in Maritime Engineering. Conducted in English, SAMK's Degree Programme in Maritime Management starts in January 2018.

8.6.2017 | By: Aino Pelto-Huikko

Rauman satamaa Merimäen suunnasta. Kuva: Jussi Partanen. Rauman satamaa. Rauma harbour.
Rauman satamaa. Rauma harbour. Kuva/Photo: Jussi Partanen

– This is an important opportunity, as it gives marine technology engineers a new avenue to work on land, says Peter Sandell, Senior Lecturer and expert in international commercial law, maritime law and maritime economics, who teaches Master's Degree Programme at SAMK. Sandell is a passionate proponent of higher education in Maritime Management.

The degree is particularly interesting to people who want to work in expert and management tasks on land, either for someone else or for themselves. Their jobs can relate to, for example, technical procurement at shipping companies or change management.

Already a decade ago, Master's in Maritime Management provided sea captains with a Bachelor's degree a new route to working on land, for example in official business. Now, the same route opens up for marine technology engineers, who have completed a Bachelor's in Engineering.

Our former students with a Bachelor's in Marine Technology have progressed to high positions in various sectors.

Peter Sandell

Peter Sandell

– Our former students with a Bachelor's in Marine Technology have progressed to high positions in various sectors, says Peter Sandell. A notable one is the permanent representative at IMO, or International Maritime Organization, an agency of the United Nations.

– We could expect the same for the engineering students, ponders Sandell.

Many people with Master's in Marine Technology have been offered a new job after writing their theses. Theses are development projects that are closely related to a work place or a business practice.

SAMK's earlier Master's Degree programme in Maritime Management was aimed solely at sea captains (Bachelors in Marine Technology). In the new degree programme, the first six months are joint studies for students with a Bachelor's in Maritime Engineering and in Marine Technology, and an orientation has to be chosen after that.

Application period for the Degree Programme in Maritime Management, conducted in English, is September 6th–20th, 2017. The degree consists of 60 credit units. Contact classes take place every other month, making it possible to fit them between working at sea, and the rest of the degree consists of remote studying on ships or on land via the internet and video conferences.

In the Finnish education system, Bachelor in Engineering (240/270 cr) and Bachelor in Maritime Technology (270 cr) are undergraduate degrees, and Master of Engineering and Master of Marine Technology are graduate degrees.

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8.6.2017 | By: Aino Pelto-Huikko


SAMKin lehtori Peter Sandell.
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Sandell from SAMK – expertise on maritime law and economics

York-Antwerp rules on General Average were revised during 2012–2016. Senior Lecturer Peter Sandell from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences was the first Finn to participate in the revision of these rules.

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