Maija Kangasperko was chosen to the board of an European network on physiotherapy education

Senior Lecturer Maija Kangasperko was chosen to the board of the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) in autumn 2017. The network works for all membership schools.

29.11.2017 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Maija Kangasperko's photoalbum

SAMK MaijaKangasperko ENPHE Hallitus

The new board has been chosen a minute ago. Kangasperko is the second on the left.

Maija Kangasperko is in charge of the English-language Degree Programme in Physiotherapy in SAMK. She is also the Curriculum Coordinator of this programme. Until September she worked as a country coordinator in ENHPE. Her work involved different kinds of communication and delivery of information between the board and other universities of applied sciences in Finland. As a country coordinator she became aware of the differences in physiotherapy in different countries.

So far the new board has had two meetings and the tasks have been divided. Kangasperko acts as a link between the board and the teams of ENPHE.

”I wanted to be a member in the board. I have participated in many teams and I think I have more to give to the board than to the teams”, Kangasperko explains.

“Although the members of ENPHE consist of higher education institutions and not individuals, the work is done out of personal interest and mainly in one’s free time. The network provides a fine opportunity to develop training in cooperation”, she says.

The network provides a fine opportunity to develop training in cooperation

ENPHE will have a meeting next spring and a conference in the autumn. These are arranged by the board in cooperation with the institution whose turn it is to arrange them. Even students are active in ENPHE. They have their own teams and they arrange events. Physio Coach provides web pages for physiotherapists and students to surf on the coach.

The working groups of ENPHE have clear goals and schedules and the results are available for all member institutions. They have for example drawn up competences for the whole EU which can be used in planning the curricula in each country. These competences have been used when the curricula in SAMK have been planned. In general, the physiotherapy curricula in Finland are based on the competences drawn up by ENPHE.

ENPHE has also a science working group and members can suggest both Bachelor’s and Master’s theses to be awarded. At the moment the working groups are preparing common criteria for physiotherapy practice for exchange students.

According to Kangasperko the board membership was a big surprise, but now she is excited about it. She is an experienced member of ENPHE and she has a lot of contacts and development plans. In her opinion the agenda for the board meetings should be prepared well in advance to make the meetings more effective. In her opinion, ENPHE has already now developed towards more efficient practices and the operations are meaningful.

See the web pages of ENPHE

29.11.2017 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Maija Kangasperko's photoalbum

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