Library tips for a new student

SAMK campus library provides professional literature, journals, and online resources. Library staff helps you in finding information and using printed and online materials.

10.1.2022 | By: SAMK library | Photo: Tuudo

You can use Tuudo library card.

You will need a SAMK library card to borrow and request printed textbooks and other study material and to enter the library in Pori and Rauma during the self-service hours. Install Tuudo mobile app and use your digital library card or visit the library to get a plastic library card free of charge.

To read e-books you will need the SAMK ID username and password. The library card is not needed for digital content. You should install the free e-book reading software Adobe Digital Editions.

Participate in library info with your study group and you will learn how to find and borrow books and how to access professional online resources on Finna discovery service. Go to Library Moodle to learn information retrieval skills.

Hint for our international students: use your laptop and go to PressReader. Read more than 7000 newspaper and magazine titles from 150 countries. (Please note: max. three simultaneous users allowed.)

SAMK library staff wishes you the best with your studies!

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