Knowledge management: a strategic challenge for water utilities

Principal Lecturer Sirpa Sandelin studied the vast concept of knowledge management at water utility sector.

29.6.2017 | By: Sirpa Sandelin ja Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Katri Väkiparta

Besides the encoded data, water utilities have valuable and critical tacit knowledge accumulated in their employees. To safeguard the operation of water utilities this knowledge needs to be captured before it literary walks out of the utility.

One of the findings was that interpretations of knowledge management had changed from informing people in 2004 to understanding knowledge management as personal, individual property in 2013. In this research, it was clear that the top management should take responsibility for knowledge management at the utility. They should set strategies and approaches for knowledge management actions and ensure time allocations and tools for knowledge sharing.

The approach of the research was qualitative research containing both longitudinal and cross-sectional time horizons. The personnel of the water utility were interviewed with a semi-structured questionnaire in 2004 and in 2013. Also, multiple sources of evidence on knowledge management practices at water utilities and in organizations were gathered.

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Sirpa Sandelin: Knowledge management and Retention - A Case of Water Utility in Finland






More information: Sirpa Sandelin, puh. 044 710 3227, sirpa.sandelin(a)

Sirpa Sandelin is from Pori and works as a Principal Lecturer at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. 

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